Is Monday Really the Best Day of the Week to Book Flight Tickets?

June 21, 2018

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A friend suggested it’s best to book flight tickets on Monday as they are the cheapest that day. Is it true?
With the dynamic pricing systems airlines operate upon these days, it doesn’t really matter which day of the week you book your tickets. However, the booking in advance always enhances you chances of cracking a good deal. The sooner you book, the better.

Can I apply for a visa if my passport only has 2 pages left? 
Most embassies require a minimum number of pages on your passport for issuing a visa. Also if you have only two or three pages left on your passport, you might run into trouble at the immigration stage. In case your trip covers multiple countries, your passport should have enough space for entry and exit stamps from each one of these. Therefore, if your passport has only two or three pages left, it is best to get it re-issued before applying for visa.

Do hotels levy a penalty for last-minute cancellations? 
Cancellation policies vary from hotel to hotel. Sometimes hotels offer special discounted rates that come with a strict cancellation policy. In such situations cancellations are not entertained. Depending on the hotel, you could be charged a penalty for the entire stay (including taxes) on cancellation. It is best to look for hotels that offer a flexible cancellation policy if you anticipate last-minute cancellations. The rates might be higher than usual but at least you won’t have to pay the hefty penalty in case you do have to cancel.